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Eta Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated

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On this page we will provide links to information about our organization, related topics, or sources that simply provide entertainment.

Sigma Around the World
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Sigma International Website
Blue and White Information Highway
Eastern Region
Eastern Region Social Action Web Site
Southern Region
Southeastern Region
Gulf Coast Region
Great Lakes Region

Southwestern Region
Western Region
Temple of Blue

 Zeta Phi Beta Sigma Times
Phi Beta Sigma Conclave
National Bigger and Better Business Website
National Social Action Website
Sigma Beta Club
Blue and White Weekend


Active Chapters
Alpha - Howard University
Alpha Alpha Chi - Duke University
Alpha Alpha Epsilon - University of Arizona
Alpha Alpha Pi - Wesley College
Alpha Alpha Pi - Christopher Newport University
Alpha Alpha Tau - Johnson and Wales University
Alpha Alpha Zeta - University of Idaho
Alpha Beta - Jackson State University
Alpha Beta Alpha - Washington State University at Pullman

Alpha Beta Epsilon - Bryant College
Alpha Beta Eta - University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Alpha Beta Gamma - University of Tampa
Alpha Beta Iota - Florida Atlantic University
Alpha Beta Psi - Newberry College
Alpha Beta Rho - Northern Kentucky University
Alpha Beta Theta - Southern Polytechnic State University
Alpha Beta Zeta - Wingate University
Alpha Delta - City University of New York, Brooklyn Campus
Alpha Epsilon - Johnson C. Smith University
Alpha Epsilon Alpha- Purdue University
Alpha Eta - Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Alpha Eta Beta - University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Alpha Gamma Alpha - Vanderbilt University
Alpha Iota Alpha - University of Montana
Alpha Lambda Alpha - Texas A&M University
Alpha Nu Alpha - Seton Hall University
Alpha Omicron Alpha - Mississippi University for Women
Alpha Pi - Fort Valley State University
Alpha Rho Alpha - Indiana University Northwest
Alpha Theta Alpha - University of Oregon
Alpha Zeta - Alcorn State University
Beta Alpha - Boston, Massachusetts
Beta Chi - Lincoln University (Missouri)
Beta Epsilon - Langston University
Beta Iota - University at Buffalo
Beta Kappa - Tuskegee University
Beta Lambda - Brooklyn College
Beta Phi - Texas College
Beta Rho - Tougaloo College
Beta Theta - University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Beta Upsilon - Bethune-Cookman College
Beta Zeta - Lemoyne-Owen College
Chi - Morehouse College
Delta - Kansas State University
Delta Alpha - Winston Salem University
Delta Chi - Eastern Illinois University
Delta Delta - Coppin State College
Delta Epsilon - Lane College
Delta Kappa - Michigan State University
Delta Mu - Bowie State University
Delta Nu - University of Memphis
Delta Omicron - Ohio State University
Delta Phi - Mississippi Valley State University
Delta Rho - University of Michigan
Delta Theta - Prairie View A&M University
Delta Upsilon- Richmond University
Epsilon Alpha - Dillard University
Epsilon Beta - Paine College
Epsilon Chi - Illinois State University
Epsilon Delta - University of Miami (Florida)
Epsilon Epsilon - Kent State University
Epsilon Zeta - East Texas College
Epsilon Iota - Indiana University
Epsilon Kappa - University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)
Epsilon Lambda Chapter - Central Missouri State University
Epsilon Omicron - Ohio University
Epsilon Phi - Bowling Green State University
Epsilon Tau - Talladega State College
Epsilon Upsilon - Stephen F. Austin State University
Epsilon Xi - University of Illinois
Eta - North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University
Eta Alpha - South Carolina State University
Eta Beta - University of Mississippi
Eta Zeta - Texas A&M University - Commerce
Gamma - Morgan State University
Gamma Beta Theta - University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Gamma Gamma - North Carolina Central University
Gamma Psi - Rust College
Gamma Rho - Elizabeth City State University
Iota Alpha - Chicago, Illinois
Iota Beta - University of Akron
Iota Iota Chapter - University of Louisiana Lafayette
Iota Kappa- Washington University
Iota Lambda - University of New Orleans
Iota Mu - Middle Tennessee State University
Iota Pi - University of Central Arkansas
ota Rho - University of Central Florida
Iota Tau - Louisiana State University
Kappa Delta - Valdosta State University
Kappa Epsilon - Montclair State University
Kappa Gamma - Iowa State University
Kappa Iota - University of South Carolina
Kappa Kappa - University of Louisiana Monroe
Kappa Lambda - University of Washington
Kappa Omicron - University of Tennessee at Martin
Kappa Psi - University of Iowa
Kappa Rho - University of Wisconsin
Kappa Upsilon - University of Arkansas
Kappa Xi - Cornell University (New York)
Kappa Zeta - Auburn University
Lambda - Virginia Union University
Lambda Alpha - University of Missouri - Kansas City
Lambda Beta - Ball State University
Lambda Gamma - University of Central Michigan
Lambda Kappa - University of California at Davis
Lambda Mu - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Lambda Psi - College of Charleston (South Carolina)
Lambda Rho - St. John's University (New York)
Lambda Tau - Florida International University
Lambda Theta - University of Cincinnati
Lambda Zeta - University of Arkansas at Monticello
Mu - Lincoln University (Pennsylvania)
Mu Epsilon - Florida State University
Mu Iota - State University of New York at Albany
Mu Nu - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Mu Psi - Rutgers University at Camden
Mu Rho - University of Texas
Mu Tau Chapter - Truman State University
Mu Theta Chapter- University of Kentucky at Lexington
Mu Zeta - Rutgers University
Nu Alpha- Louisiana State University at Nicholls
Nu Beta - Georgia Institute of Technology
Nu Chi - Winthrop University
Nu Gamma - Grand Valley State University
Nu Omicron - Texas A&M University at Kingsville
Nu Xi Chapter - Colorado State University
Nu Zeta - Baylor University
Omicron Alpha Omicron - Mississippi University for Women
Omicron Iota - Old Dominion University
Omicron Lambda - Clemson University
Omicron Nu Chapter - Southeastern Louisiana University
Omicron Phi - Loyola University (New Orleans)
Omicron Pi - California Polytechnic State University
Omicron Xi - Murray State University
Pi - Fayetteville State University
Pi Chi - Francis Marion University
Pi Delta - California State University at Chico
Pi Mu - Western Carolina University
Pi Omicron - Aurora University
Pi Rho - Georgia Southern University
Pi Tau - New York Institute of Technology (Central Islip)
Pi Upsilon - University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Pi Xi - Southwest Texas State University
Psi - Clark-Atlanta University
Rho - Southern University and A&M College
Rho Beta - University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Rho Gamma - University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Rho Tau - George Mason University
Rho Theta - West Virginia University
Sigma - Miles College
Theta - Huston-Tillotson College
Theta Delta - University of Alabama
Theta Gamma - New York, New York
Theta Iota - Mississippi State University
Theta Lambda - Pace University
Theta Mu - University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee
Theta Mu - Milwaukee School of Engineering
Theta Mu - Marquette University
Theta Nu - Southern Arkansas University
Theta Pi - Louisiana Tech University
Theta Rho - Sam Houston State University
Theta Xi - Syracuse University
Xi - Grambling State University
Xi Alpha - Baruch College
Xi Beta Sigma - Detroit, Michigan
Xi Delta - University of Oklahoma
Xi Gamma - University of North Carolina
Xi Nu - East Carolina University
Xi Theta - New Jersey Institute of Technology
Xi Zeta - North Carolina State University
Zeta - Morris Brown College
Zeta Alpha Chapter - Tennessee State University
Zeta Beta - University of North Texas
Zeta Chi - Boston University
Zeta Eta - University of Virginia
Zeta Kappa - University of Florida
Zeta Lambda - University of Hartford
Zeta Mu - Bradley University
Zeta Nu - University of Georgia
Zeta Phi - Purdue University
Zeta Psi - Indiana State University
Zeta Upsilon - University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Zeta Xi - University of South Florida

Zeta Zeta - University of Houston

Alumni and Graduate Chapters
Alpha Alpha Alpha - Virginia State University
Alpha Alpha Epsilon Sigma - Inland Valley, CA
Alpha Eta Sigma - Montgomery, Alabama
Alpha Iota Sigma - Lorman, Mississippi
Alpha Omega Sigma Chapter - Central Missouri
Alpha Sigma - Washington, District of Columbia
Alpha Sigma Sigma - College Station, Texas
Alpha Sigma Sigma - Prairie View, Texas
Alpha Theta Sigma Chapter - Fort Worth, TX
Beta Epsilon Sigma Chapter - Huntsville, Alabama
Beta Psi Sigma - Bronx, New York
Beta Psi Sigma - Westchester County, New York
Beta Rho Sigma Chapter - Charlotte, NC
Beta Sigma - Norfolk, VA
Chi Sigma - New Jersey
Delta Delta Sigma - Denver, Colorado
Delta Lambda Sigma Chapter - Ft Pierce, Florida
Epsilon Beta Sigma - Louisville, Kentucky
Epsilon Chi Sigma Chapter - Chicago, IL
Epsilon Epsilon Sigma - Seattle, WA
Epsilon Gamma Sigma - Augusta, Georgia
Epsilon Omicron Sigma Chapter - Gainesville, Florida
Eta Lambda Sigma - University of Mississippi
Delta Lambda Sigma - Fort Pierce, Florida
Gamma Beta Sigma - Greensboro, NC
Gamma Delta Sigma - Orlando, Florida
Gamma Mu Sigma Chapter - Biloxi, Mississippi
Gamma Rho Sigma - Long Island, New York
Gamma Zeta Sigma - West Palm Beach, Florida i
Iota Alpha Sigma - Northern California
Iota Alpha Sigma - East Bay, California
Iota Gamma Sigma Chapter - Mainz, Germany and Europe
Iota Nu Sigma - Chicago, Illinois
Iota Sigma - Richmond, VA
Iota Theta Sigma Chapter - Summerville South Carolina
Kappa Alpha Sigma - Decatur, Georgia
Kappa Beta Sigma - Brooklyn, New York
Kappa Chi Sigma - Cocoa, FL
Kappa Tau Sigma - Tulsa, OK
Kappa Upsilon Sigma Chapter - Central & Southern New Jersey
Kappa Zeta Sigma Chapter - Warner Robins, GA
Lambda Delta Sigma - New Castle County, Delaware
Lambda Iota Sigma - San Diego, California
Lambda Sigma Chapter - Atlanta, GA
Nu Sigma Chapter - Philadelphia, PA
Phi Beta Sigma Chapter - Los Angeles, CA
Phi Beta Sigma Sigma Chapter - Atlanta, GA
Psi Beta Sigma Chapter - Austin, TX
Sigma Sigma Sigma - Montgomery County, Maryland
Tau Iota Sigma Chapter - Memphis, TN
Theta Tau Sigma Chapter - Northern Virginia
Upsilon Sigma - Chicago, Illinois
Zeta Chi Sigma - Prince George's County, Maryland
Zeta Delta Sigma Chapter - Hampton Roads, VA
Zeta Nu Sigma - Twin Cities, Minnesota
Zeta Pi Sigma - Honolulu, Hawaii
Zeta Theta Sigma - Rock Hill, S.C.
Zeta Xi Sigma - Houston, Texas

Colonies and Interest Groups
Colony - Saint Louis University  






Zeta Alpha Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta

Zeta International Website

Official Website  

Undergraduate Chapters
Alpha - Howard University
Alpha Alpha - Chicago, Illinois
Alpha Beta - Dillard University
Alpha Eta - University of South Florida
Alpha Iota Zeta - University of Tulsa
Alpha Pi - University of Toledo
Alpha Rho - Northern Kentucky University
Alpha Theta - Valdosta State University
Beta - Morris Brown College
Beta Alpha - Southern University and A&M College
Beta Beta - University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Beta Eta - University of Cincinnati
Beta Iota - Spelman College
Beta Theta - University of Louisiana Monroe
Chi Epsilon - University of Georgia
Chi Kappa - University of Missouri
Chi Mu - Nicholls State University
Chi Theta - University of Delaware
Delta Alpha - Texas College
Delta Delta - Lincoln University (Pennsylvania)
Delta Epsilon - Indiana University
Delta Iota - University of Tennessee Martin
Epsilon - New York, New York
Epsilon Beta - Alabama State University
Epsilon Eta - Shippensburg University
Epsilon Kappa - Purdue University
Epsilon Lambda - Louisiana Tech University
Epsilon Mu - Kansas State University
Epsilon Theta - Mississippi State University
Epsilon Zeta - Atlanta, Georgia
Eta Delta - Northern Illinois University
Eta Epsilon - University of Maryland
Eta Nu - Clemson University
Eta Xi - Georgia College and State University
Gamma Alpha - Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
Gamma Gamma - North Carolina Central University
Gamma Kappa - Rutgers University
Gamma Lambda - University of Southern California
Gamma Rho - Georgia Institute of Technology
Gamma Xi - Auburn University
Iota - Talladega College
Iota Delta - Miles College
Iota Epsilon - University of Dayton
Iota Gamma - Rust College
Iota Omicron - New Orleans, Louisiana
Iota Omicron Zeta - Belle Glade, Florida
Kappa Alpha - University of the District of Columbia
Kappa Delta - Paine College
Kappa Epsilon - Columbus State University
Kappa Eta - University of Arkansas at Monticello
Kappa Lambda - University of Tampa
Kappa Nu - University of Washington
Kappa Theta - Ferris State University
Lambda Alpha - Langston University
Lambda Beta - Jackson State University
Lambda Epsilon - Illinois State University
Lambda Eta - Sam Houston State University
Lambda Lambda - Alverno College
Lambda Lambda - Marquette University
Lambda Lambda - University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Lambda Mu - East Carolina University
Lambda Nu - Georgia State University
Lambda Omicron - Texas Tech University
Lambda Theta - University of Southern Mississippi
Mu - Claflin College
Mu Delta Zeta - Killeen, Texas
Mu Epsilon - University of Florida
Mu Eta - Pennsylvania State University
Mu Iota - University of Pennsylvania
Mu Kappa - Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Mu Phi - Flint, Michigan
Nu - Virginia Union University
Nu Beta - Tougaloo College
Nu Gamma - Coppin State College
Nu Iota - Baylor University
Nu Omicron - Duke University
Nu Phi Zeta - Suffolk County, New York
Omega Beta - Fayetteville State University
Omega Eta - University of Louisiana Lafayette
Omega Gamma - Prairie View A&M University
Omega Iota - University of North Carolina
Omega Kappa - California State University at Northridge
Omega Lambda - College of New Rochelle
Omega Nu - University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Omega Pi - Vanderbilt University
Omicron - Shaw University
Omicron Alpha - St. John's University (New York)
Omicron Gamma - Bowie State University
Omicron Mu - University at Buffalo
Omicron Mu - Buffalo State College
Omicron Omicron - Colorado State University
Omicron Theta - University of Texas
Phi - Virginia State University
Phi Epsilon - University of Houston
Pi Alpha - LeMoyne-Owen College
Pi Beta - Albany State University
Pi Beta - Albany State University
Pi Epsilon - University of Tennessee
Pi Lambda - University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Pi Omicron - Texas A&M University
Psi - Clark-Atlanta University
Psi Eta - University of South Carolina
Psi Lambda - Newark, New Jersey
Psi Pi - Seton Hall University
Rho Delta - University of North Texas
Rho Epsilon - Louisiana State University
Rho Gamma - University of Memphis
Rho Kappa - Florida State University
Rho Omicron - University of Oregon
Sigma Epsilon - University of Central Florida
Sigma Mu - Mississippi University for Women
Sigma Nu - Johnson and Wales University
Tau Eta - University of Mississippi
Tau Lambda - Radford University
Tau Pi - University of Montevallo
Tau Theta - University of Virginia
Theta Alpha - Boston, Massachusetts
Theta Delta - Wayne State University (Michigan)
Theta Mu - University of Oklahoma
Theta Theta - Winthrop University
Upsilon Lambda - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Upsilon Nu - Iowa State University
Upsilon Xi - University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Xi Beta - Lincoln University (Missouri)
Xi Delta - University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania)
Xi Nu - Francis Marion University
Xi Pi - University of Wisconsin - Parkside
Xi Zeta - Washington University (St. Louis)
Zeta - Alcorn State University
Zeta Alpha - North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University
Zeta Iota - State University of New York at Geneseo
Zeta Omicron - George Mason University
Zeta Zeta - Dolton, Illinois


Alumnae and Graduate Chapters
Alpha Zeta - Baltimore, Maryland
Beta Delta Zeta - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Beta Theta Zeta - Norfolk, Virginia
Beta Zeta - Washington, District of Columbia
Delta Alpha Zeta - Brooklyn, New York
Delta Beta Zeta - Queens, New York
Delta Nu Zeta - Meridian, Mississippi
Delta Sigma Zeta - Gainesville, Florida
Delta Zeta - Charlotte, North Carolina
Epsilon Lambda Zeta - Prairie View, Texas
Eta Alpha Zeta - Fort Myers, Florida
Eta Delta Zeta - Shelby, North Carolina
Eta Nu Zeta - Opa Lacka, Florida
Eta Omicron Zeta - Plainfield, New Jersey
Iota Zeta - Indianapolis, Indiana
Kappa Epsilon Zeta - Bronx, New York
Kappa Iota Zeta - Atlanta, Georgia
Kappa Psi Zeta - Sacramento, California
Kappa Upsilon Zeta - Buffalo, New York
Kappa Zeta - Dallas, Texas
Lambda Alpha Zeta - Seattle, Washington
Mu Tau Zeta - Indianapolis, Indiana
Nu Xi Zeta - Alexandria, Virginia
Omicron Kappa Zeta - Atlanta, Georgia
Omicron Phi Zeta - Washington, District of Columbia
Omicron Theta Zeta - Fairfax County, Virginia
Omicron Zeta - Raleigh, North Carolina
Rho Pi Zeta - North Dartmouth, Massachusetts
Sigma Omicron Zeta - Lawrenceville, Georgia
Xi Lambda Zeta - El Cerito, California

Beta Epsilon Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha

Alpha Phi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha

Alpha Nu Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi

Alpha Mu Chapter of Delta Sigma Theata

Mu Psi Chapter of Omega Psi Phi

Gamma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho

Let us know if there are any web sites that you enjoy and we'll consider including them on this page!

Eta Chapter of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. North Carolina A&T State University* Greensboro, NC * US * 27401